my feet are very small and the way is hard
but i do not walk alone

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Social Media: To know what Brave Hearts is upto, follow us on facebook. We will need the help of the Wellington Community to pull through some of our projects, so if you are keen to volunteer some time when we need some help, make sure you follow us and give us a LIKE on facebook

Donate: There will be opportunities to donate products to go into these gift bags, we will post details about this on our facebook page. Also, if you wish to financially contribute to our efforts , you can do so here

Business Owners: If you have products you would like to donate from your business, please email us here. If you wish to get in touch with us to get further information about we do, please fill the form or email us here or send us a message on our facebook page

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There are many ways to be part of this amazing vision (project) of hope. If you would like to donate some products or support financially,
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