Where there is great love,
there are always miracles.

Brave Hearts

Our Story

In January 2017, Kings and Beula along with big sis Destiny were excitedly counting down the days to the birth of their rainbow baby who was to arrive somewhere in the end of February. There was a lot of joy and anticipation for the birth as the family had lost their angel baby, a son named Jayden Ryan a year prior in January 2016. Every day a lot of planning and shopping was done in preparation for this rainbow baby!  However one night, while Beula was cooking spaghetti bolognese, her waters broke. About 30 minutes later, both Kings and Beula found themselves in the labour suite at Wellington hospital with a medical team discussing what needed to be done. Long story short, Judah Zachary was born that night. They barely got a glance of their son as he got wheeled to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Later that night Kings got to meet Judah while it would be until the next morning when Beula got to meet their miracle son.

Thus their season began of traveling back and forth their home and NICU every day for almost three weeks. Beula came across a lot of mums who were there for a much longer time, one was there for 100 days, another had been there for almost a year. No one will ever understand what happens in the unit unless you get to walk the path yourself and it sometimes actually can be very hard to know how to support these families. These NICU parents put on a brave face day in and day out and get through a pretty intense roller coaster ride.

These gift bags may not change their baby's condition right away, but our hope is that this will put a smile on the mum's or dad's face.

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